GINAMARIE & GM Revolution Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

GINAMARIE & GM Revolution Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries
Skin care brand, GINAMARIE, is ringing in its 45th anniversary of business, along with its men's line of products, GM Revolution, celebrating three years of business.

GINAMARIE is celebrating 45 years of being an esthetic holistic skin care line, along with their men's skin care brand, GM Revolution, ringing in three years of being an esthetic men's skin care line. 

Since its inceptions, the GINAMARIE mission has been to provide professional holistic skin care and clean cosmetics that treat the skin from a science-based perspective. GM Revolution set out to normalize men's skin by sharing education about men's health and skin. 

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GINAMARIE has made it their priority to simplify and deliver results with only 12 products in their complete skin care line. Throughout their years in business, they have helped estheticians master the art of treating skin with simple ingredients for themselves and their clients. Their focus will always be education professionals and consumers on what holistic health means, and how the skin is only one piece of the puzzle. 

The next 45 years will be spent building upon their strong foundation to reach new estheticians that want to learn about their direct approach to skin care. 

As for GM Revolution, the past three years have been spent evangelizing the need for men to prioritize their holistic health. The future of GM Revolution and of esthetic men's skin care will be continuing to educate licensed estheticians on how to best serve and attract male clientele. 

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