Tech Support: Why Are Nail Competitions Important?

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You see them at shows, in magazines and online, but what’s the draw? Here, four competition sponsors explain why they matter.

GinaSilvestroheadshotGina Silvestro

Gina Silvestro, Lead Educator-Crystal Beauty Academy

“Swarovski Crystal Beauty Academy is delighted to sponsor the NAILPRO Nail Competitions for many reasons. For one, we’re focused on education and helping nail techs achieve their ultimate goals, whatever they may be. Competitions are a great way for nail professionals to showcase their talents and network with top nail pros, major companies and trade magazines that otherwise may be difficult to reach. Helping nail techs step outside of their comfort zones and compete can lead them to new careers, help them earn extra income and start their own businesses and, of course, it introduces them to new products. Another reason Swarovski Crystal Beauty Academy supports competitions is because nail artists who compete are so artistic; it’s always exciting to see the incredible designs they create using Swarovski crystals. Supporting artists in their quest to create and compete to be the best they can be is always a goal for us.”

HenryPhamLechatHenry Pham

Henry Pham, Brand Ambassador-LeChat

“The NAILPRO Nail Competitions are important to me, personally, because with them, I can challenge myself, see at what level I’m working and figure out where I need to improve. Plus, I learn so much from the other competitors and meet so many pros from all over the world. LeChat supports the NAILPRO Competitions as a sponsor because they’re very important for the nail industry—it’s a place where so much creativity comes to life and where the industry will continue to grow. By taking part in NAILPRO Competitions, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose—even if you don’t place, it’s still a personal win.”

Natalie Zolotnik Co-owner, BelavaNatalie Zolotnik

Natalie Zolotnik, Co-owner-Belava

“A competition like that of NAILPRO’s level creates, adds to and maintains a pool of avid nail professionals who are keen to improve their trade skills. Those who compete in nail competitions are driven to possess the highest standards of this profession, and we’re very supportive of this. We also very much respect what Creative Age does for nail competitions, so we feel as though we’re joining a good cause by supporting it financially. Nail competitors are, overall, made up of highly motivated individuals who are prepared to challenge themselves, and by doing this, it raises the bar for this profession. It has never been our goal to make money on our sponsorship of the competitions; rather, this is the way that we can help boost the industry.”

Light Elegance-Lezlie_McconnellLezlie McConnell

Lezlie McConnell,Co-owner-Light Elegance

“Techs who compete in nail competitions are great role models—and all industries need role models, not only for the newcomers entering the profession in the future, but also for the techs who have been in the business for years. Nail competitions are a great way for techs to push themselves to the next level. We should all be trying to achieve higher standards within our careers by taking place in activities that educate us and invigorate the industry. Competitions can also provide the opportunity for techs to get worldwide recognition, and taking part in competitions almost always guarantees new opportunities with manufactures and distributors—to become an educator, a brand advocate and an industry leader. Not to mention, competitions are a lot of fun, and they add excitement to the industry!”

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[This article was originally published in the July 2018 issue of NAILPRO]

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