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Welcome to Test Yourself: Uncomfortably Numb

1. CANCER Raynaud’s syndrome primarily affects ______________.
2. Which of the following is not a symptom of Raynaud’s?
3. Most people with Raynaud’s have the primary type of the condition.
4. Raynaud’s considered a phenomenon because _________.
5. People with Raynaud’s experience an exaggerated response to stress and _________.
6. Complications stemming from Raynaud’s include _______.
7. There’s no medication to prevent or halt Raynaud’s attacks.
8. Treatments for Raynaud’s are intended to ________.
9. When working on a nail client with Raynaud’s, you may want to avoid a _______.
10. In the United States, __________ of the population is affected by Raynaud’s.
State (use abbreviation like CA or FL):

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