QUIZ: How to Service Diabetic Clients


Woman taking her own blood sugarWoman taking her own blood sugar

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1. Diabetics have impaired blood flow, which is why their cuts heal more slowly.
2. It typically takes__________for a diabetic to heal from a cut or nick.
3. Diabetes is a condition in which there’s too much sugar in the __________.
4. Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that causes __________.
5. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all of the cells of the body.
6. One in 20 adults in the United States has diabetes.
7. Diabetics’ skin is very dry, so it’s important to apply a thick moisturizer between their toes.
8. Insulin is a hormone produced by the _________ that allows cells to use glucose.
9. Using a harsh scrub or other abrasive (like a foot file or pumice stone) on diabetics’ skin can lead to an increase of fungal infections.
10. Many diabetics have additional health problems, such as __________.
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