Guest Editor: Ask Jackie Truong, Director of Education for LeChat

Jackie TruongDirector of Education for LeChat, Jackie Truong

Q: Do you have any tips for working with clients that have flat nails?

A: Always inspect your client’s nails first to determine how you want the finished shape to look. The ultimate goal, after all, is to have a beautiful shape and strong, natural-looking nails. Next, it’s crucial to identify the stress point of the nail. This area will require the most build and thickness when creating the structure of the nail compared to the cuticle and free edge. If you’re using nail tips, it’s important to choose the right size and shape, as this will contribute to the best result and add strength to flat nail beds. The LeChat Gelée Powder Gel System is versatile for customizing natural nails as well as enhancements; the powder formula combined with the gel formula helps make the building process easier since the powder will keep the gel from running. This allows the nail technician more time to add strength to the arch for the desired nail shape.

Q: What are the top nail trends you’re seeing for fall?

A: Gel will continue to grow in popularity as more nail technicians seek odorless systems and learn gel techniques to incorporate into their salon services. There are more advanced UV products being developed with new technology that will allow nail manufacturers like us to be able to provide more options. In terms of colors and nail art, fall colors with darker earth tones combined with a twist of nude are in. These color trends are best to create many ombré art styles, which continue to be popular.

Q: Acrylic dip seems to still be growing in popularity. What makes LeChat’s system unique?

A: At LeChat, we recommend offering clients a more sanitary alternative to acrylic dip, and the Gelée Powder Gel System is our answer. We call it “3in1” since it’s all encompassing: You can use it with adhesive for a dipping system, monomer for an acrylic system or with the odorless Gelée system. For dipping, the Gelée system requires sprinkling the powder over a wet base coat and then curing it under an LED/UV light for 30 seconds. This system doesn’t leave room for any cross-contamination between clients since they are not dipping their fingers into the powder jar. Removal is simple because it soaks off just like a gel.

Q: I wish more clients would ask for glow-in-the-dark nail art. What’s the best way to upsell the service without spending too much time demonstrating how it works?

A: One way to upsell glow-in-the-dark nail art is to simply wear it on your own nails and have a black light at your station to easily show off the effects. It can be a beautiful or edgy addition to a manicure depending on what your client likes. Another way to upsell Gelée Glow is through product education. We are all about educating not only the nail tech, but the client as well, so she can better understand the products and services she is spending money on. Explain the benefits of the Gelée system, how using it will strengthen your client’s nails and add to the lifespan of the manicure. The cool glow-in-the-dark effect is just an added bonus.

Jackie will be our guest editor for the next three months, if you have questions for Jackie email them to [email protected]!

–Dina Ciccarelli

To see full article, pick up the November 2017 issue of NAILPRO.

[Image courtesy of Jackie Truong]

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