Beauty File: Joe Nguyen

Joe Nguyn
SNS Nails Founder Joe Nguyen

Founder of SNS Nails Joe Nguyen shares his first job, guilty pleasure and how he achieved his childhood ambition.

JoeandJasmine001Joe and his wife Jasmine

What was your first job? I graduated as a chemist, but the pay was lousy, so I took a job as a nail technician.

I am inspired by…Looking in the mirror and telling myself, “For Joe, nothing is impossible!” I’ve done that all my life.

My childhood ambition was…To live a happy life with a wonderful wife and kids—mission accomplished!

JoeNguyenFamilyJoe Nguyen and family

My favorite food is… Anything that my wife Jasmine cooks.

My proudest accomplishment is…Creating the industry’s first pink-and-white dipping powder system.

JoeandFamily002Joe, his wife Jasmine and their daughter Julia in Paris

My guilty pleasure is…A Starbucks grande triple espresso two-pump mocha. I have a two-a-day maximum!

Are you a morning or night person? I consider myself a 24-hour person because I’m passionate about what I do.

One of my favorite things ever is…My first car. It was a blue Datsun 310. I was 22 years old and, to me, it was the ultimate luxury.

datsun-310-1982-10-1 (1)My first car!

I can’t discuss nails without…Talking about health, too. Nails are like people; they should be beautiful inside and out. Not just on the surface, but underneath, and that means [they need to be] healthy!

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