Beauty file: Naomi Yasuda

Naomi Yasuda

Nail artist Naomi Yasuda reveals her childhood ambition, proudest accomplishment and favorite candy.

My first job was…As a waitress at a cafe called Mitsuba in my hometown of Gifu, Japan. I served coffee and tea to the locals.

My childhood ambition was …To be a nurse. I also wanted to travel to another planet.

My first job in the industry was…At Rainbow Nail, a nail salon in Nagoya, Japan. I was 18 years old.

IMG_0408My favorite recent design

I would like to work with…Rihanna and Michelle Obama.

I am inspired by…Culture, fashion, art, music and my friends.

IMG_0756My friends Romina and Anna.

My proudest accomplishment is…Having had the courage to move to a different country by myself, without knowing anyone or knowing English, to pursue my passion.

My favorite music is…Reggae and hip hop.

IMG_4462My nails during my trip to Jamaica

My favorite movies are…All of the films by Miyazaki Hayao, a Japanese director, producer, screenwriter and animator.

Are you a morning or night person? I wake up early and go to bed early.

My favorite food is…Japanese cuisine—or anything with rice!

IMG_9123My best friend and fashion designer Raul Lopez.

My guilty pleasure is…Eating bread and gummy bears.

My most recent impulse buy was…A Louis Vuitton x Supreme bag. I love it!

To see more from Naomi Yasuda check out the October 2017 issue of NAILPRO Magazine and follow her on Instagram @naominailsnyc 

[Images Courtesy of Naomi Yasuda]


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