Test Yourself August 2017: Battling Biting

Take our monthly quiz to find out how much you know about nail biting.

nail biting quiz

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When you earn 80% or higher on this quiz about client pain, you’ll be awarded a framable Certificate of Achievement. A perfect score earns a Certificate of Achievement With Honors.

Welcome to Test Yourself August 2017: Battling Biting

The medical term for nail biting is onychophagia.

2. Vertical bands of dark pigment on the nail bed can result from stimulation of the _________ .

3. Inflammation and/or infection of the skin surrounding the nail is called ___.
4. The prevalence of nail biting increases as an individual ages.
5. Experts recommend that nail biters have a competing response at the ready, such as a stress ball or fidget spinner, when they feel the urge to bite their nails.
6. Which of the following is not a symptom of nail biting
7. Up to 30 percent of the general population is affected by nail biting.
8. Nail biting has been shown to be associated with _________.
9. Filing tips to a _________ shape can help prevent nail biting.
10. Biting your nails can lead to _________.
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