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Earn Certificates of Achievement as you test your skills with NAILPRO’s Professional Participation Program. In each issue, you’ll find a multiple-choice test that will allow you to demonstrate what you’ve learned from Nail Clinic. Read this May 2016’s Nail Clinic, “A Senior Moment” in our May digital edition – it has all the info you’ll need to pass this quiz!

When you earn 80% or higher, you’ll be awarded a framable Certificate of Achievement. A perfect score earns a Certificate of Achievement With Honors.


1. Nail techs play an important role in alerting elderly clients to health issues.

2. Thinner, more fragile skin ___ more easily.
3. Which of the conditions below may compromise the nail health of elderly clients?
4. Thick, discolored nails are more brittle than healthy nails.
5. Onycholysis occurs when:

6. A red or dark band in the nail bed may be a sign of:
7. As the skin ages, it becomes more plump and elastic.
8. The most common form of cancer is:
9. Fungal infections are more common in young people.
10. How wrinkled aging skin becomes is dependent on an individuals’ ___.
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