Nail Art Tutorial: Basic Foil Nail

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Sarah Elmaz of Get Buffed Nails shows how to do a basic foil nail. On top of the basics for a gel manicure, you’ll need gel polish, matching colored foil, and nail glue.

Image1 0Step 1: Prep nails as usual for a gel polish manicure.

Image2 0Step 2: Use a gel polish close to the color of the foil you will use.

Image3 0Step 3: Apply one to two coats of your color, curing between layers.

Image4 0Step 4: Paint foil glue over the entire nail and allow to dry for 5 minutes.

Image52Step 5: Rub the foil all over the nail until it has all properly adhered to the nail surface.

Image6Step 6: Paint your design with a thin striping brush.

Image7Step 7: Add gel top coat and cure!


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[Image and video: Sarah Elmaz]

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