NAILPRO Competition Winners from Pasadena 2015 Show

Soak Off Winners

Artistry and talent was on full display at NAILPRO Pasadena 2015. Contestant wowed the judges with their creativity in the 3-D Nail Art “Go Fish” and It’s All About the Bling categories and impressed them with their technical skills in the Salon Success and Soak Off competitions.


Congrats to all the winners!


Soak Off (pictured above)
1. Melissa Peters
2. Thao Nguyen
3. Chris Mans

It's All About The Bling WinnersIt’s All About the Bling
1. Allie Bennett
2. Guin Deadman
3. Shannon McCown

Salon Success Veteran WinnersSalon Success, Veteran
1. Mayumi Hase
2. Shiori Durham
3. Emese Koppani

Salon Success Novice WinnersSalon Success, Novice
1. Nikki Payton
2. Itza Martin
3. Thao Nguyen

3 D Nail Art Veteran Winners3-D Nail Art Veteran
Theme: Go Fish
1. Yasushi Arakawa
2. Keiko Matsui
3. Yire Castillo

3 D Nail Art Novice Winners3-D Nail Art Novice
Theme: Go Fish
1. Yanira Gonzales  
2. Eri Okamoto
3. Guin Deadman

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