[VIDEO] Dry Pedicure How-To

Blue Cross

Are you interested in adding dry pedicures to your service menu or perhaps revamping your dry pedicure offerings? Either way, you have to check out this Tutorial Tuesday how-to video with Blue Cross Beauty and Breeonne Reed! 

Reed walks us through her step-by-step dry pedicure process as a licensed nail technician and owner of mobile nail service Salon 2 You. For this effective and efficient dry pedicure, Reed uses Blue Cross Beauty products, backed with an amazing 90 year experience in the industry. Plus, stay to the end of the video for a SPECIAL OFFER!

Before you begin, here is the products you will need: 

  1. Blue Cross Cuticle Remover
  2. Blue Cross Cuticle Nippers -
  3. Blue Cross Cuticle Oil
  4. Cuticle Pusher
  5. Sugar Scrub
  6. Saran Wrap
  7. E-file
  8. Sand Band Bit
  9. Sand Bands
  10. Alcohol 


1. Start by removing any polish left on the nails.

2. Saturate the feet and toenails with the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover.

3. Wrap the feet in Saran Wrap and let it set for 10 minutes.

4. Once you remove the plastic wrap, begin working on the cuticles to allow the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover more time to do its job.

5. After pushing the cuticles back, use the Blue Cross Cuticle Nippers to trim any dead cuticle.

6. Next, use the e-file with a rougher grit sand band bit. Run the e-file at about 4-6k RPM, allowing the sanding band to exfoliate the callus that the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover has softened. Pro tip: Use the tip of the sanding band to get into cracks and exfoliate thoroughly.

7. Switch to a softer grit sand band and smooth out any rough areas, including the toes and any frayed skin.

8. Use the sugar scrub to remove any remaining dead skin and give a relaxing massage up to the knee.

9. Grab a warm wet towel and wipe off all the products.

10. Cleanse the toes with alcohol.

11. Apply polish.

12. Finish by massaging the Blue Cross Cuticle Oil into the toes, entire foot, and calf. And that's it! You're all done.

Your client can now enjoy longer-lasting results, and you've saved your wrists and body from the strain of bending over and excessive scrubbing. Plus, it saves you time! If you enjoyed this tutorial, stay tuned for more. You can find the products in-store at Target (oil) and Sally's (cuticle remover), or you can conveniently purchase everything online on Amazon. Don't forget to follow @bluecrossbeauty and @thesalon2you for more tips and updates. 


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