Laverne Cox Wears Gorgeous Glitter at SAG Awards

Screen Shot 2015 01 27 At 12 46 11 Pm

At the 2015 SAG Awards, Laverne Cox continued to show off her sophisticated style with a subdued, yet elegant manicure that complimented the beautiful Johanna Johnson ensemble that she wore to the event. »

Laverne Cox and manicurist Melissa De La Cruz chose to match the soft gold tones of the actress’ gown with a layering of gold and silver glitter over a nude base color. De La Cruz chose the colors for Laverne Cox’s manicure from Caption Nail Polish. The decadence of the gold glitter in Shizaaam! and the silver glitter of Trust Me, I’m Faking are balanced out by the nude Just a Little Bit In Love (, $12 each).

Together this combination produced a look that complimented but never overshadowed the rest of Laverne Cox’s outfit.

[Images: Instagram via @double_d_production/Getty Images]

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