Louboutin Introduces the Perfect Nail Art Tool

If chaotic nail designs have been wearing you down lately, here’s the latest essential you must scope out: Loubi Under Red. Since launching his debut line of nail polishes back in July, which he describes as his “beauty adventure,” the Christian Louboutin has extended his new collection to include this nubby little tool made especially for painting the undersides of nails red to match the signature red-bottom shoes.
Loubi Under Cap BottleSimilar to a striper brush but shorter, this ingenious invention adds just a pop of brightness to nails in dark fall and winter shades like dark green, navy, dark brown, and black.  Louboutin is selling them now for $45 a pop, which may be on the pricier end for polish – but is a downright bargain if you’re torn between the lacquer and the heels.
Loubi Under Red Carton
[Images: Louboutin]

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