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Do you have so much nail polish at home you’re running out of storage options? You can hide in in boxes under beds, in decorate baskets, and in drawers, but are then forced to paw through them all to find the color you need.

Katharine Hill Contag has the same dilemma going on – thus her Kickstarter to raise money for Color Clutch, a set of boxes and zip-up bags you can use to secretly store lacquer on bookshelves and any other nooks and crannies in your place.  A large size box with foam cutouts can store up to eighteen bottles of all shapes and sizes – from long, thin Julep and Pixi lacquers to short, wide Marc Jacobs polishes.

Store Any Size Bottle
And if you frequently like to pack a few shades on the go for either work or play, there’s a smaller pouch (sort of like a lunch bag) that’s also filled with foam to store any sized bottle – plus a little room on top for brushes, stamping plates, and other small tools.

8 Bottle Case
Color Clutch’s Kickstarter backers will get rewarded with some of the first cases hot off the press – plus get a chance to join Katharine as a member of her “Board of Innovators” to dream up new storage products.

Check it out now here.

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[Images: Katharine Hill Contag]

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