Bella Thorne’s Monster Manicure

Bella Thorne

New York Fashion Week is no stranger to celebrities, whether sitting front row or attending after parties, and this year was no exception. Bella Thorne and Jada Pinkett Smith were amongst the celebrities spotted at Fashion Week recently, attending the Jeremy Scott and Dennis Basso shows, and each sporting a stunning mani look.

Celebrity Manicurist and Color Curator for Dermelect Cosmeceuticals, Elle, created the gorgeous looks for Thorne. She shares, “The inspiration for Bella’s manicure look was the Jeremy’s Scott monster jumper she was wearing. Since it was that Kelly green color, I wanted to avoid the look becoming Christmas-y, so I reached for Dermelect ‘ME’ Lacquer in a new shade, Heirloom. Because it’s such a great jump-off from purple to blue, it’s a great contrast to the green. You could use any metallic Kelly green polish for this — this one is a duochrome between green and gold.

How To:
1. “We used studs from, choosing octagons, circles, stars, rectangles, and squares at random and then sealing them in with a coat of Dermelect’s High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener top coat.

2. “Bella actually drew out the way she wanted the studs on each individual nail herself, but then told me to do whatever I wanted to with the colors — it was a true creative collaboration!

3. “Whatever we did on one hand, we did the exact opposite in terms of colors on the other. For example, if I put down Heirloom first and then a green chevron color-blocked tip over it on one thumb, then on the other hand I put down green with a purple tip.

4. “We did it at the last minute, and completed the entire look in half an hour between photo shoots — it was so fun that we were able to be truly crazy and spontaneous with the look.”

[Image: Instagram @bellathorne]

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