Whitewashed Blues at Costello Tagliapietra

Essie Fw Sep14 Costello 163

The fashion world can’t seem to get enough of the 80s, but the Costello Tagliapietra show at Spring/Summer 2015 New York Fashion Week took the era in a different direction (no hot pink spandex!). The catwalk featured loose, light-colored garments fit for a fairytale. To pair with them, Julie Kandalec for Essie created a wispy periwinkle nail by layering Bikini So Teeny and Limo-Scene. The whitewashed blue was just subtle enough to sit side-by-side the soft runway styles – or in a Molly Ringwald classic.

Essie Fw Sep14 Costello 094

[Images: Essie]

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