Pink and White Stripes at Meden’s NYFW Show


Even though we’re gearing up for fall, New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2015 show is underway! At the Meden presentation, models had two-toned nails. Some had a base of Red Carpet Manicure White Hot with three stripes of Flirt Alert; others were painted in just the reverse. The show’s head manicurist Rica Romain gives the step-by-step:

1. Prep short round nails by clipping, filing and buffing.
2. Use Red Carpet Manicure Clingy Base Coat to create a smooth canvas.
3. Paint one coat of Red Carpet Manicure White Hot. Let dry for 30 seconds.
4. Paint a second coat and let dry for 1 minute.
5. Next, take a striper or toothpick and dip into Red Carpet Manicure Flirt Alert. With a steady hand, carefully draw 3 lines at the tip of the nail with the paint. Allow to dry for 30 seconds.
6. Seal the deal with Red Carpet Manicure Shine On Top Coat.

Image003 3
Just like on the runway, you can also switch the colors and use Flirt Alert as a base with White Hot as the stripes!

[Images: Red Carpet Manicure]

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