Coming in June: Cinapro Nail Sugar Polishes

You spend time perfecting the shape and health of nails, so make sure to treat them to sugar, spice, and something pretty nice: the new Cinapro Nail Creations Nail Sugar polishes. The brand-new collection launching in June includes 10 multi-dimensional glitters and shimmers to give a range of effects to manicures. You’ll even be able to see the unique texture in greater detail as every bottle has a Spotlight LED cap for perfect application every time.

The lineup in full detail: Rock Candy (fine purple glitter with larger silver and black particles), Sweet Tooth (iridescent blue with purple in a mix of fine and larger particles), Sugar Rush (clear jelly base with small and large particles of silver, gold, red, blue and green), Creamsicle (orange jelly base with fine particles of orange and gold), Black Licorice (clear jelly base with fine black glitter and larger black and silver particles), Cherry Cola (clear jelly base with large and small red glitters), Cotton Candy (pink jelly base with crystalline particles), Golden Ticket (clear jelly base with fine glitter in pink and gold), Salt Water Taffy (clear jelly base with fine silver glitters), and Hyperactive (green jelly base with small particles of green, orange and blue).

[Images: Cinapro]

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