Support Taylor’s Gift Foundation With OPI Teal Blue

Organ donation isn’t usually the topic of conversation over apple martinis with friends, but Todd and Tara Storch, founders of Taylor’s Gift Foundation wanted to change that. The couple lost their 13-year-old daughter, Taylor, in a 2010 skiing accident. After finding out that Taylor would not make it, they make an incredibly difficult choice – they agreed to give the gift of life to others by donating Taylor’s organs. Taylor’s heart saved a 39-year-old mother, one of her kidneys went to a father in Colorado, and her corneas helped improve someone’s sight.

The Taylor’s Gift Foundation works to increase organ donor registration. However, to further the effort, OPI joined up with the nonprofit in 2013 to create a gorgeous teal shade that matched the color of Taylor’s eyes. When friends compliment your color choice, you can share the whole story behind the shade. Even men are encouraged to sport the lacquer on at least one nail as a conversation starter, as did Jeff Probst of The Jeff Probst Show last spring. This year, the color is being sold during the month of April with a goal to raise $100,000 for the Taylor’s Gift Foundation. You can even purchase bottles signed by Probst himself, as well as Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson.

The color is available for purchase online here:

[Images: TrizCom Inc.]

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