Fashion Week: Diagonal French With Butter London

Lela Rose Butter London 7

If you are a foodie, Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter Lela Rose presentation was for you. The white, gold, and silver collection was inspired by Ferran Adrià, a Spanish Catalan chef who sketches his textured dishes before cooking them.  Of course, these fabrics needed a simple, elegant, and unique look to match – which is where Butter London’s Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes came in. The nail stylist designed a sideways French with Butter London Patent Gel Top & Tails, followed by Nail Foundation, and a diagonal stripe of Alabaster Glaze (which premieres April 2014). She gave the tip an extra coat, and then topped it off with Patent Gel Top & Tails for shine.

Lela Rose Butter London 9

Lela Rose Butter London 8

Lela Rose Butter London 5

[Images: Butter London]

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