Fashion Week: Water Marble and Golden Half Moons

Tadashi Butter London 2

Butter London manicurist Katie Hughes also created the tips for designer Tadashi Shoji. The collection was inspired by the Moorish architecture and textiles of early Spain, so think rich jewel tones. For the fingers, Hughes tried a golden moon and French tip over a peachy base color, which sounds simple, but looks absolutely gorgeous up close! She started with Butter London Nail Foundation, did the gold details with Marbs, and finalized with P.D. Quick Topcoat.
Tadashi Butter London 4

Creatures Butter London 6

Creatures Butter London 3Water marbling is getting big! Lead Manicurist and Butter London Global Colour Ambassador Katie Jane Hughes tried the technique with neutrals at the F/W 2014 Creatures of the Wind presentation at Fashion Week. Since the fabrics already had cosmic and psychedelic auras about them, and were presented down the runway in an evolution of colors – from dark to light – it seemed right to try a nail that mixed that all together.

As water marble is a time consuming process, Hughes and her team came together the night before to create 675 of them by hand that they could quickly apply to models just before the event!

To achieve the look, Hughes used Butter London colors Yummy Mummy, Diamond Geezer, Posh Bird, Pearly Queen, and Billy No Mates. She poured drops of each one after another into a bowl of water, creating rings of color. Once the color had been placed, she took an orange wood stick to swirl the colors together, creating a range of patterns. She then dipped the press on nail into the water, letting it sit under the water’s edge just below the pattern she wanted to lift onto the nail. And voilà, perfect swirls!

[Images: Butter London]

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