Beauty File: Interview With Celebrity Manicurist Naja Rickette


Meet Naja Rickette, sassy celebrity stylist and entrepreneur. We talked to her about some of her favorite things (Johnny Depp, of course) and what gets her excited about nails!

Who would you like to work with?
Johnny Depp, Alec Monopoly and Sharmadean Reid of WAH Nails.
If you could be anybody famous, who would you be?
I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. The grass is never greener on the other side.
What inspires you?
Single mothers, loving/responsible parents, couture clothing, legit gurus, graffiti and friendship.
What was your childhood ambition?
To make people laugh and help change people’s minds.
What is favorite type of music and favorite song?
Free-style; “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa.

What is your favorite sport?
What is your favorite movie?
The Goonies.
Describe your perfect day.

Wake-up phone call with Jesus, breakfast with Johnny Depp, yoga with Buddha & Bikram, lunch satsang with Osho, design nails with Marian Newman, speak to a group of woman business owners about marketing and uplifting one another, nail art class for struggling teenagers, volunteer toe nail cut/file at nursing home, dinner with Andy Samberg, dessert with James Franco. Sleep with CC Bloom. (All this to take place in Paris, please.)
Are you a morning or night person?
What is your most treasured possession?
CC Bloom, my dog.
What is your favorite type of food?
What was your most recent impulse buy?

Ice cream cone.
Describe the best set of nails you’ve ever seen.
Anything by Catherine Wong or Tom Bachik. When I see their work my heart beats faster, the precision is ON POINT!!!
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Britney Spears music.
What are you most afraid of?
Letting people down that I trust and cherish.
Finish this sentence: I can’t discuss nails without…
Cursing! I just get so #*%!@ excited thinking about ALL my mentors out there who have helped pave the way and mold me.


[Image: Naja Rickette]

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