NYFW Nails S/S 2014: Pinks and Glitters at Betsey Johnson and Douglas Hannant


Everything sparkled at Betsey Johnson! On a futuristic cotton-candy twisted runway, models wore bright silver lipstick that perfectly matched their sterling and pink manicures designed by Morgan Taylor‘s Danielle Candido. Danielle used the sterling Morgan Taylor Could Have Foiled Me as the base color, topped it with the metallic pink Adorned in Diamonds, and lightly edged each finger with the glittery Sweetest Thing.

Douglas Hannant
Not too differently, at Douglas Hannant, shimmery pink tips were on the program! The runway fashion was inspired by the light glittering off the Gran Canaria sand dunes, so Danielle Candido incorporated the same idea into the nails. Using metallic blush Morgan Taylor Adorned In Diamonds, she painted both fingers and toes to perfection for the event.

[Images: Morgan Taylor]

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