Sells Nail Art To Match Customer’s Outfits

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This is a truly creative way to work from home! Recently, Kerry, a talented nail artist, launched, a website that allows customers to purchase a custom-painted set of nails to match their outfit or a favorite print. All an interested client has to do is send Kerry an image of the design or dress they would like the nails to match, and she then recreates the look on acrylics or nail spines. Her service is especially prime for proms, weddings, and themed parties where ladies want unique and memorable nails.

Kerry’s original inspiration for the endeavor was her own love of painting her nails to match her own outfits. She enjoyed it so much and succeeded at doing the intricate designs, so she decided turning that into a profitable enterprise was worth a shot. Would you ever give something like this a try?

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[Images: Kerry of Love Shoes Bag Nails]

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