Nail Trends: Naja Predicts What Will Be Hot in Your Salon This Fall!

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Naja Rickette, West Hollywood Nail Artist, is a veteran of the nail industry with a star-studded client list including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fergie, Mariah Carey and Pink.  In June 2013, Naja became the first professional nail stylist to be featured in a reality show as she joined the cast of LA Hair. She’s seen it all, and she knows what will be the go-to styles for fall. Prepare your salon for these nail trends your clients will request.

See what she has to say!


What will be this fall’s colors?
Color combinations will be very popular, and especially contrasting ones, such as a mixture of nude with oxblood, red, deep blue and/or purple
Photo 2 Fall Trend Step Manicure By Naja RicketteThis manicure is easy for anyone to do at home, and great for those having trouble deciding on one color! This particular design is  a “step manicure.”  To create this fun manicure, start out by selecting a base color and then a combination of three to four contrasting but complementary colors for the “steps.”

What sort of details will we be seeing?
Metallics will still make a flash appearance especially in silver: think lines, spikes and studs.Photo 1 Fall Trend By Naja Rickette 0This design uses oxblood with a silver lining. You can choose to go subtle with thin silver stripes outlined in black, or you can go for a larger, bolder metallic statement.

What sort of designs will be most requested?
Nail art orders will be subtle lines, interesting color combination and a switch to more feminine details.

What will be the hot nail shape?
Nail shapes will go from pointed edges to a more subtle tapered square.


This season of LA Hair will air on WE TV every Thursday at 9:00 pm EST until the final episode of the season on August 22, 2013.
You can also find out more about the exciting world of Naja on her Web site,

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