Nail Artist Q&A: “Nailed Down!” with Kimberly Huynh!

Kimberly Huynh Composit

Welcome to NAILPRO’s NAILED DOWN where we “nail down” the details of selected nail design artists from our User Galleries.

This week we visit Lake Park, Georgia.

Meet Kimberly Huynh:







Where do you work?
My husband and I own Top Nail Salon.


How would you describe yourself?
I am very determined and love to be unique. I live to push myself and I am always looking forward to the next blessing in life!


Tell us about how you got started in the nail industry.
My mother-in-law encouraged me to work in her salon and taught me well. She has an amazing work ethic and in our town everyone knows and loves her.


What/Who inspires your work?
I love out of the box fashion like Alexander McQueen. Clothing and nails are hand-in-hand to me.
My clients inspire me! I have the most creative and open minded fun clients! They are always bringing me ideas and even more- letting me “do my thing!” Without their visions and loyalty I wouldn’t be where I am.


Are there any tool(s) you can’t live without?
I can’t live without my my Upower E-file, my Cacee colored acrylics, and my OPI polish. Oh, and my Essie “Matte About You!”


Do you have a favorite technique or style?
I love a dark polish mixed with bold neon or pastel accents!


What tip can you offer to other nail technicians?
Never get discouraged! Look for inspiration everywhere! And most, most, most importantly- never be afraid of your tools!


Anything else you’d like to add?
I can’t wait to see where else my colorful journey leads!


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Instagram: #topsouthganails



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