Nail Licensure and Renewal: What Do You Think?

East CoastTwo of our 50 states, South Carolina and Connecticut, are very unique when it comes to licensure and renewal. NAILPRO wants to find out what you think about their laws as they relate to the industry as a whole.

1. South Carolina’s general assembly passed a law in 2006 allowing certain licensees to be exempt from CEU requirements:?
“The holder of an individual license issued by the board biennially, on such date as may be designated by the board, shall renew his license and pay the renewal fee and furnish proof to the board that he has completed continuing education approved by the board.  A person who has held a license for at least 15 consecutive years and is 60 years of age or older or who has held continuous licensure for at least 30 years, is 50 years of age, and who has not been disciplined by the board is exempt from taking continuing education courses. Upon approval by the board and submission of an attendance form prescribed by the board, a person may obtain continuing education credit by attendance at trade show cosmetology?related instructional programs.”

Do you believe that, especially in the case of a licensee needing CEUs for the first 15 to 30 years of her career, this should be an earned privilege?

2. Connecticut does not require nail technicians to hold a license at all. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health,

“Pursuant to Section 20-250(4), Connecticut General Statutes, no Connecticut license is required of individuals performing facials, pedicures, eyebrow arching, shampooing, manicures or braiding. There is no licensure or certification offered or required for nail technicians or estheticians in Connecticut.”

A high school diploma or GED is all that is required to enroll in nail technician training. Although the nail school may issue a certificate after the completion of the course, the state does not regulate this industry. What do you think?

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