Nail Salon BUSINESS: Avoid These Mistakes

Nai Tech Mistakes SmallCultivating a successful business as a nail tech requires not only the talent to do amazing nails, but also a smart business sense. Avoid these missteps for a successful nail design business.

1. Location can make all the difference. If you do not already have a loyal client base, a good location can propel you to the next level. For instance, if your salon is in an isolated area you won’t get many walk-in clients. If parking is an issue, clients may think twice about a visit. On the other hand, if your salon is located in a busy shopping hub you will have more opportunities to build a strong clientele.

2. It may seem obvious, but make sure your work station is clean and organized. If clients believe you are unsanitary, you will not only lose their business, but risk your reputation as well. A bad review about your cleanliness on community sites such as Yelp can be difficult to repair.

3. Choose a salon where you vibe with the other staff members. If you don’t feel comfortable in your environment, you will be unhappy and your nail art will suffer. Clients will sense negative energy and choose another salon next time they need a service.

4. Besides getting along with the staff at your salon, you should also keep a pleasant and confident demeanor with clients. You don’t have to be a chatterbox to make guests feel welcome at your salon. Clients want to enjoy a relaxing experience, so confidence in your skills is key. A dissatisfied customer will leave a poor tip and be unlikely to return.

5. Make each client feel important. Treating your customers like royalty will earn their loyalty. If a client sees that you are rushed and distracted, don’t plan on them for a repeat visit. However, giving clients your full attention and best service possible will result in a great reputation and invaluable referrals.

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