Touch When Words Are Not Enough

Touch Movie1In Touch a Vietnamese-American manicurist named Tam strikes up an unexpected friendship with Brendan, a car mechanic. Brendan visits V.I.P. Nails to fix a problem with oil stains around his nails, but Tam also offers him advice on how to fix his marriage. Soon Tam and Brendan find themselves falling for each other and have a difficult time resisting the attraction. Touch which has won awards at Boston International Film Festival, Vietnamese International Film Festival and Atlanta Asian Film Festival, takes a look at the sense of touch and its emotional impact.

Writer/Director Minh Duc Nguyen, who was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with his family in the 1980s, views the nail salon as the perfect setting to tell a multicultural story. In nail salons Vietnamese workers interact with American customers from all walks of life. Touch is the first film about the lives of women working in a nail salon told from their perspective. The movie explores the themes of love, loss and the importance of human contact.

Cácee is donating product for the Touch premiere in San Jose on March 9th and Orange County on March 16. For more information about Touch visit

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