Nail Art and Tattoos

FeetforwebLike ‘em or not, tattoos have gone from taboo to trendsetting. The age and number of people making this vogue commitment have significantly increased in the past decade. Celebrities, Baby Boomers, fashionistas, your mom … are demonstrating inking ones’ skin is still very in. Which brings me to my point …

YOU can use ink fascination to your advantage. Here’s why—Like the tattoo artist, you also create art that people will adorn on their body. Nail art options are limitless so, if you’re no Picasso, don’t sweat it; you can use stickers, decals, stencils, etcetera. Remember, like the tattoo artist, you offer an outlet for others to self-express. This is a very important thing to remember because it helps you get to know your clients, increase add-ons and up your nail art. You are to the nail industry what Kat Von D is to the body art industry.

Here’s how—Next time you have a client who is shy about nail art, ask her what she thinks about tattoos and explain to her that nail art can be that perfect something for the gal who either isn’t ready for body art, is indecisive about what to get or simply never wants a tattoo but craves her own look. She can “try on” her tattoo on her nails to see reactions of others and to get a feel for if she could live with the concept / design permanently on her. If she says, “Yeah, I like tattoos but what I always wanted was a drawing of my first pet, Barnie.” You’re most likely not gonna draw 10 Barnies on her nails. Instead, you talk to the client and find out another way to style that memorial manicure.

I stumbled across this concept for several reasons: I had insomnia and stayed up till the wee hours doing my nails and they came out looking “tattooish”, I’ve been thinking about getting another tattoo and Fashion Week makes me think of what’s “in” and what’s “out”. Personally, I think you can’t go wrong in fashion as long as ya stay true to you. Again, you have the opportunity to help your clients realize this. Oh, and make extra money doing more nail art.

Mine is base Size Matters from Essie, black Licorice from Essie, pink Air Head from SpaRitual and glitter Étoile from Orly French Manicure. I used a gel brush from Hand and Nail Harmony
to paint the “tattoos”.

—Megan James

Photo Credit: Thinkstock

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