Ring Finger Nail Polish Trend

Ringfinger 0The modern trend of individualizing a lone ring finger has emerged again with a kick and a whole lot of glitzy, vivid nail art.

I was intrigued by this look when I noticed it on colleagues and realized it works best with an uncomplicated effect. You don’t want it too obnoxious because employing your creative manicure as a glam accessory stands on its own.

I’ve heard this trend is sometimes worn to manifest good luck. Another story is that single women wear it to declare their independence: from obligation, expectations and/or control.

Whether you’re single or not, if you’re a self-ruling woman rocking this chic style, you most certainly stand out, not alone. And all fashionistas know that the next good thing is just around the corner!

—-Megan James

To Create This Look: Polish with Enlightenment from Précision. Top with Sheer 24K Sparkle from CND (coming out in July). Ring finger is adorned with a Minx wrap in Golden Scales.

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