Green Pedicures: Steps

Pedicure Towel Wrapping

Follow this step-by-step guide to performing waterless pedicures to toe the line of your sustainable commitment:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water, and sanitize the feet with a waterless sanitizing spray or gel. Remove polish.

2. Apply cuticle softener.

3. Shorten and shape the nails on each foot, and smooth out any rough areas on the feet with a clean foot file.

4. Apply a scrub, softening lotion or butter to the feet. Massage the product into the feet and legs, working up to the knee.

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5. Wrap your client’s feet in clean, warm, moist towels, or place them in warming booties. Let the products absorb for three to five minutes.

6. Remove the towels or booties from each foot and, using a warm, damp washcloth or towel, remove excess cuticle softener and the scrub or lotion.

7. Apply massage lotion and massage the feet and legs, working up to the knee.

8. Clean the nails to remove lotion and oils by scrubbing the surface of the nails with a lint-free pad saturated with a nail cleansing product or a 70 percent alcohol solution. Remember to scrub (not wipe) the nails until they squeak slightly. Allow the nails to dry completely before applying base coat.

9. Use clean toe separators or cotton to separate the toes.

10. Apply base coat and allow it to dry for two to three minutes.

11. Apply two coats of lacquer.

12. Apply top coat, making sure to cap the free edges of the nails.

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