NAILPRO Cup Winner Takes Germany by Storm

Npcupwinneringermany1When Lynn Lammers first began competing, her goal was to win a world championship. Now, only five months after winning the 2008 NAILPRO Cup, she has done it.
The International Nail Championships are held at the Beauty International Düsseldorf trade show in Germany, and is by invitation only. “You must be the champion of the country that you live in to be invited,” explains Lammers. During the show, which was held on March 20 to 22, there were four different competitions: two national titles, one for liquid and powder and one for gel; and two International titles, also one for liquid and powder and one for gel. This is common in most other countries—that there are both national and international champions. “But here in America, the closest thing that we have to a national title is the NAILPRO Cup,” she says.

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