What Is a Medical Nail Technician (and how do you become one)?

Nailcare Academy's Janet McCormick shares insight on how nail technicians can receive certification to become a medical nail technician.
Nailcare Academy's Janet McCormick shares insight on how nail technicians can receive certification to become a medical nail technician.
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Certified medical nail technicians (MNTs) are needed everywhere, with the percentage of elderly and chronically ill growing, but what is a medical nail technician, and how can nail technicians obtain such a certification? Nailpro went to the Nailcare Academy's Janet McCormick for answers.

Nailpro: Why and where are more MNTs needed?

Janet McCormick (JM):  The population is aging, and the number is growing while also the number of chronically ill is expanding. These technicians are needed in every town or city. For example, I live in Naples, FL, a community with a large population of elderly, but there is no MNT in this city. Many are needed here for this vulnerable population. This is true in most areas. And the income opportunities are high for nail technicians who are successful in this specialty while contributing to the wellness of these people. 

NP: How do MNTs help these ill and aging clients?

JM: MNTs are trained to work safely with these clients and quickly become very important to their palliative and routine wellness.

NP: How does a nail technician obtain the MNT Certificate?

JM: The Medical Nail Technician Certificate is awarded after the core courses are completed at the Nailcare Academy and after the podiatrist signs off on their internship. The core courses in the bundle are the Advanced Nail Technician and the Wellness Nail Technician Programs, and the Medical Nail Technician Internship. The MNT Internship program supports a successful 40-hour Internship experience by the technician. 

NP: Where can a MNT work?

JM: MNTs can work in a salon, suite or studio, where they collaborate with podiatrists who send clients to them and accept referrals from them. Podiatrists also hire or lease space to MNTs to perform routine foot care (reducing girth of nails, reducing calluses and adding moisture to the skin) and palliative care, such as pedicures in their offices. Collaborating with an MNT reduces the load of performing these services for podiatrists and allows them to perform more medical level care. 

NP: How can the MNT certificate be lucrative?

JM: These courses also contain business information to support the graduates in attaining a high level of income. Many of the graduates who follow the course suggestions earn well over $100,000 in yearly income quickly. Mentoring is available during and after the courses for the students and graduates to support their success, plus free courses toward achieving success are coming soon for graduates only. 

NP: Where can nail techs find more information?

JM: Visit www.nailcare-academy.com or reach out to me directly at 863-273-9134 or [email protected] for more information. Nailcare Academy is offering a 20% discount for a course bundle to become a Certified Medical Nail Technician (MNT). 

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