3 Benefits of a Dry Pedicure

Nail salon owner Lilly Rojas discusses the top three benefits of dry pedicures.
Nail salon owner Lilly Rojas discusses the top three benefits of dry pedicures.

Waterless pedicures started gaining popularity in the early 2000s when news about unsanitary pedicures spread.

According to Lilly Rojas, the co-founder of NYC’s first indoor/outdoor nail salon Lili and Cata, “a dry or waterless pedicure is the most sanitary way to receive a pedicure, as there is no cross contamination from other clients and no water borne bacteria which eliminates the risk of you catching any infections."

Below, Rojas details three benefits of dry pedicures.

  1. The most important benefit of a waterless pedicure is that you are not likely to catch fungus, warts or any nasty infection, as there is no still water while getting your service. When soaking your feet for the typical pedicure, you are risking getting foreign infections that include warts and fungi. Most salons do not have the time to disinfect the foot tubs for 10 minutes (as they should by law) between clients; therefore, the chance of spreading infections is high. Also, microorganisms from a foot tub can enter through minor cuts like a bug bite or a small cut from shaving your legs. Waterless pedicures are also a great service for people with diabetes since foot soaking isn't recommended.
  2. Since you are not soaking, you will be surprised at how long your polish will last. This is because your nails are not expanding when drenched in water.
  3. Waterless pedicures are extremely relaxing! Heated towels are used so you feel pampered the whole time. Most of our clients are able to relax much more knowing the waterless pedicures are clean.

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