Mani Monday: Everything's Coming up Roses (and Leopard!)

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Inspiration for your next set of gorgeous nails can be found anywhere. Just ask U.K.-based nail artist Kirsty Parker who was so struck by her client's rose- and leopard print-adorned top that she immediately got to work creating the equally eye-catching set. 

54 Ff9 A83 Cd9 A 4 Abc 94 Da 58 A372382 B1 B"This design was inspired by a client's top. I loved it and had to recreate it straight away!" says Kirsty Parker, nail artist and educator from Plymouth, England.

Kirsty hosts live Masterclass workshops to help other techs learn design techniques like this one, including how to create leopard print designs, perfect their line work, master basic one-stroke rose design and how to make their Swarovski crystals adhere and last for weeks—skills that will allow them to recreate this design or adapt them to other designs for their salon clients.  Follow her on Instagram @kirsty_parker_nail_artist

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