Nina Park Creates Floral Tips Inspired by Runway Looks


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Flowers continue to spring forth on fashions created for the season of rebirth. But this time around, designers plucked their petal inspiration from bygone eras—think: the 1960s and ’70s.

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Trippy floral prints reminiscent of a ’60s psychedelic rock poster begged to be worn next to a lava lamp at Louis Vuitton. Dizzying flower-power prints at Paco Rabanne harkened back to the “free love” era when the brand’s namesake founder enjoyed fame with his future-forward clothing. At Fendi, oversize blossoms, either on a quilted set or highly lacquered coats, looked totally retro even if the wares they sprouted from were as of-the-moment as can be.

We always sing the praises of flowers as nail art; after all, what’s not to love about fresh-looking blossoms on tips? But consider changing it up this season with a little psychedelic flair, as Boston-based nail artist Nina Park does here. Introduce melting watercolor elements or a retro rainbow to give your flower nail art a blast from the past.

—by Karie Frost

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