Create a Marble-ous Nail Design with Christrio Nail Ink


Christrio-Nail-Ink-hot-pinkWhen it comes to stocking your nail art toolbox, Christrio Nail Ink is a must. Available in nine essential hues, this highly pigmented ink is perfect for creating marble, watercolor, ombré and even smoky effects. Plus, Nail Ink doesn’t require curing and boasts a speedy dry time for faster and easier nail art.

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1) Apply peach Diamond Gloss No. 43 to the entire nail. Cure.

2) Carefully apply a small amount of Nail Ink in Hot Pink. Start at the base and move the brush toward the free edge.

3) Apply a few small drops of Clear Nail Ink over the nail to dilute the Hot Pink and create a subtle marble effect. Allow it to dry. Then, use Liner Brush No. 8 to paint veins across the nail with Black Stamping and Painting Gel. Flash cure for 30 seconds.

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4) Accent the veins with champagne Glitter Painting Gel No. 5. Cure. Then, finish with PolyShine Top Gel, and cure.


Use Nail Ink to create a quick marble accent nail for an easy upcharge.

–by Angelina Lewis


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[Images: Courtesy of Christrio]

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