Nail Pros on Using Metallic Nail Art to Shine This Holiday Season


Metallic staples—from polish and dip to foil and chrome—help elevate the season and your manicure services. Fire up your imagination with
our product picks, plus application and removal tips and tricks from top techs that are sure to make your metallic nail art shine.

“Chromes and flakes provide spectacularly shiny results, but when sealed improperly, they tend to chip and lift. My twofold method to prevent chipping is to always apply primer to the free edge prior to applying top coat and file the free edge after applying chrome.” —Merrick Fisher, nail artist, Beverly Hills, CA

“I love creating a negative space nail with a foiled tip by applying a thick base coat to the free edge. I use the end of a wooden stick to break the foil into small pieces and place individual pieces next to each other on the free edge. I always finish with a gel top coat and cure to seal the foil.” —Gina Eppolito, celebrity manicurist, New York, NY

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“Metallic polishes look best when applied using long, straight brush strokes. Jerky strokes tend to show up in the color.” —Robert Nguyen, creative director, Entity Beauty, owner, House of Polish, Century City, CA

when layering. Start with gold leafing, then apply top coat and layer transfer foil on top to create a 3-D metallic look. Use different textures of the same color foil for added dimension.” —Tacarra “Spifster” Sutton, managing partner, Salon Lokei, Chicago, IL

“The Light Elegance metallic ButterCreams are stunning with shine, but don’t forget to try them out matte as well. It adds a cool contrast to your set when mixing matte metallic with shiny nails.” —Celina Rydén, international ambassador, Light Elegance

“Apply metallic flakes and foils directly to the tacky layer of cured gel color. This process makes it easier to create a faded metallic look and enables you to play with the positioning or break up the foil.” —Leibnitz J Barragan, nail artist, Stash House Az, Phoenix, AZ

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“Always ensure your polish is dry before applying foil glue. It typically turns blue then clear, which let’s you know it’s dry. Work quickly with foil, and don’t press too hard when applying. Gently place it on the nail and peel it off.” —Mimi Wilson, celebrity nail artist, Los Angeles, CA

“Chrome doesn’t adhere as easily as regular gel polish, so I always apply a thin coat of builder gel before applying gel top coat.” —Chelsea King, celebrity nail artist, Los Angeles, CA

“The most important step before applying any metallic product is to thoroughly prep and buff the nail for a smooth and solid foundation in order to achieve the longest lasting manicure most effective results.” —Britney Tokyo, celebrity nail artist, Los Angeles, CA


[Image: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez]

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