Nail Artist Britney Tokyo Shares Her Daily Inspiration

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Born and raised in Japan, nail artist Britney Tokyo now resides in Los Angeles, where she tends to a celebrity clientele that includes the Kardashians, Rita Ora and Ariana Grande. Specializing in colorful 3-D nail art and hand-painted designs, Tokyo takes her cues from fashion, music, art and culture. Read on to see her top sources of inspiration!

Vivienne Westwood: “I’m always inspired by her style, which is both elegant and new wave. I hope to be like her when I get older.”

Vivienne WestwoodCourtesy of Getty Images

Benny Blanco: “I do his nails while he’s at the music studio producing. His music inspires me and helps relieve my stress.”

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Presto Tokyo Spice: “This gel collection is available in the same colors as my Tokyo Swag Art Gel line, but in the bottle format customers requested. I want to be colorful personally, so my nails are always colorful, too.”

Tokyo Spice Green BottlePresto Tokyo Spice in Grillsay Girl

Pantone Color 2035 C: “Orange-red, like in the Japanese national flag, cheers me up anytime.”

Hypebae and Hypebeast: “My go-to sources of information for what’s happening in culture, art and music. I’m especially inspired by men’s fashion culture because my art has a genderless style.”

hypebeast website screenshothypebeast homepage

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This article was first published in the September 2018 issue of NAILPRO

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