Nail Art Inspired by Desert Sunsets

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In this arid climate, color and inspiration are bright and bountiful.

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Top view of Green agave victoriae-reginae succulents plant.Top view of Green agave victoriae-reginae succulents plant background texture.

Step 1: Apply two thin coats of light green polish. Once completely dry, use a detail brush to paint thin, curved dark green lines down the nail.
Step 2: Use a medium-size dotting tool to paint white dots between each
dark green line.
Step 3: Use a detail brush to paint a thin gold “X” through each of the white dots. Seal with top coat.

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SunsetSunset in Saguaro National Park near Tucson, Arizona.

Step 1: Create a color gradient using yellow, orange, purple and navy polish. Begin at the cuticle with the yellow shade followed by orange and purple, and finish with navy at the free edge. Blend the colors together with a dry brush to create a gradient effect. Allow it to dry. Then, use a nail art brush to paint a light green line at the center of the nail.
Step 2: Paint two curved light green lines extending from the center line to create the cactus arms; be sure the extending lines offset each other.
Step 3: Paint dark green cactus veins with a detail brush. Seal with a top coat.

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Prickly Pear Cactus wildflowers, Lakeside, California, USAOpuntia, also known as nopales or paddle cactus, is a genus in the cactus family, Cactaceae. Currently, only prickly pears are included in this genus of about 200 species distributed throughout most of the Americas. Chollas are now separated into the genus Cylindropuntia, which some still consider a subgenus of Opuntia. Austrocylindropuntia, Corynopuntia, and Micropuntia are also often included in the present genus, but like Cylindropuntia, they seem rather distinct. Brasiliopuntia and Miqueliopuntia are closer relatives of Opuntia.

Step 1: Apply two coats of navy polish. Allow them to dry completely. Then, use a detail brush to paint a gold “X” in the center of the nail.
Step 2: Create a gold border around the entire nail.
Step 3: Adhere gold crystals between each section of the X with top coat or resin. Finish with top coat.

Guest Artist:

Harli Hall (@nailsbyharlig)

“I was inspired by my home state of Utah and the rich colors that can be found in the rock formations, evening sunsets and
indigenous cacti and succulents.”

HarliG Headshotharli hall headshot

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[Desert images courtesy of Getty Images]

This article was first published in the August 2018 issue of NAILPRO

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