Summer Nail Art Inspired by Straw Sun Hats


What was once worn purely to protect against the sun’s harmful rays has been reimagined with epic style and size proportions this season. Yes, the ubiquitous straw hat remains built of the stiff stuff, but now infused in every woven braid is a cheekiness that feels fresher than ever. Nowhere was the straw hat more playful on the spring/summer 2018 runways than at Delpozo. Molded into massive bows in an assortment of warm-weather hues (like fuchsia and teal), the headpieces likely attracted sunshine more than shielded it! Elsewhere, size mattered. Brandishing heft and fanciful flop, the massive straw hats at Jacquemus provided enough shade from the elements to fit more than one body. Also supersized: Missoni’s procession of sculpted straw hats that hugged models’ shoulders, backs and foreheads in a variety of weaves and colors (rainbow stripes, anyone?).

Because the season’s straw hats are bonafide attention-grabbers, why not source the trend for some nail art inspiration? Echoing the stiffly curved dimensions of the grandest straw hats, guest nail artist Fleury Rose molded her own rainbow “floppy” brim using liquid and powder. Or, duplicate the trend’s hautest weaves with gel or polish, and overlay the textured background with chic details, like crystals or Panama hat  flourishes.

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Guest Artist:

Fleury Rose is the creative director of Wild Oleander salon in Brooklyn, New York.


[Images: Runway photos – Getty Images]

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