Summer Nail Designs Inspired by Runway Swimsuits

As the heat of the season causes temperatures to rise, designers are looking poolside for attire inspiration. Colorful bra tops and matching sets modeled on swimsuits reigned on the runways, as well as looks that incorporated summer swimwear. Altuzarra and Tory Burch paired bikini-inspired tops and bottoms with feminine skirts and sweaters, while Prada combined crop tops and hot pants with basic black. Michael Kors and Fendi took swimwear to the street with matching floral sets and one-piece swimsuits mixed with sheer fabrics and daring accessories. To recreate this trend on tips, do as guest artist Simone Gilbert did and reach for a detail brush, striping tape and brilliant crystals. Then, pair with a bold color palette to complete the look.


Inspired by Michael Kors




Inspired by Prada



Inspired by Altuzarra

–by Dale Arden Chong

[Images: Nail photos by Jason Bennett, Runway by Andreea Angelescu]

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