Beyoncé’s Gold Minx Nails

Beyonce Minx1


Beyoncé’s shiny nails steal the show in her sultry new video for “Drunk in Love,” featuring her husband Jay Z. The secret to the superstar’s megawatt shine? Manicurist Lisa Logan applied gold Minx solid nail coatings to Beyoncé’s nails for a vivid, metallic look.

According to Logan, “the motif of Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ video is black and white, which makes any regular nail polish translate as just dark or light. The metallic of Minx is reflective so it has impact. Minx are a fun way to get a unique metallic look with a nice finish that you can’t get from any bottle or gel.”Beyonce Minx2

In addition to its unique look, Minx is a convenient choice for those short on time. Says Logan, “With the limited time we have on set, Minx is the perfect choice because application is simple and there’s no drying time.”

This isn’t the first time Logan has turned to Minx to dress Beyoncé’s digits. The star has previously worn the patented heat-activated solid nail coatings in music videos and cover shoots, on the red carpet, at her 2013 Super Bowl half-time performance and the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

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[Images courtesy of Tina Thomson Communications]

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