How GINAMARIE Products Simplified Skincare

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What Went Wrong in the Skincare Industry

There is a serious problem in the professional skincare industry and the concerning part is that no one realizes it. When you hear the words “skincare industry” what do you think of? The sole focus of the industry is on products and not on, well… skin.

Some time ago, brands decided that the most lucrative way to grow was by formulating more products that all treat the same skin problems. And consumers loved it. It became the never-ending quest to find the perfect solution to their aging or problematic skin. Beauty influencers have now flooded the social market with product reviews, making consumers feel they need the next new moisturizer that might actually work. And the cycle continues. Year after year. New serum after new serum. All promising the same thing.

This has left estheticians scrambling to keep up with consumer demand. When their clientele gets their skincare “advice” from TikTok, estheticians rush to the next trend all in an attempt to stay relevant. That is the trap that has been set. Relevancy is the name of the game for estheticians and unfortunately, it is a game they can never win. There will always be a trend right around the corner and what gets lost in all of the noise is what really matters: skin health.

Why Trend Following is Discrediting Estheticians’ Expertise

Not only does jumping from one trend to another leave estheticians mentally (and financially!) confused, but it also discredits their licenses. Estheticians are unique. Our license is what sets us apart from the noise. It says, “I took the time to really learn about the anatomy of the human body and am a master at how to topically treat what the body does internally.” That language could not be more opposed to what the market is screaming right now.

In a world that demands immediate results without addressing underlying health concerns, estheticians need to double down on their education to promote true skin health. We know that you cannot have healthy skin without having a healthy body.

Any esthetician that only looks for products as their answer will never deliver the results that their clients desperately desire. After all, delivering these results is the reason we all got into the skincare industry in the first place!

Estheticians need to put the “skin” back in “skincare” and go back to basics in a time when more and more products are thrown at them. It is an esthetician’s responsibility to truly master their product line and ingredients. But this is impossible when you are perpetually chasing the next big thing from companies that carry well over 50+ products in their line.

How GINAMARIE Products Simplified Skincare

The GINAMARIE Esthetic Skincare line is the guiding light for estheticians that are looking for a simplified approach to skincare. We know that you do not need vast amounts of products to achieve results when you treat the skin holistically with products that work with skin as an organ.

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Every product in the GINAMARIE line has been intentionally formulated to topically duplicate what the body does internally. GINAMARIE Products are water-based, pH balanced and formulated with naturally derived ingredients.

Our simple line of Esthetic Skincare means less investment sitting on your shelves. It allows you to master your craft and truly understand each of the products and ingredients that you use on your clients. More importantly, you can stop chasing tomorrow’s trends and start building a solid foundation of esthetic mastery today.

For information on how to become a GINAMARIE partner, visit our website ginamarieproducts.com


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