Nail Art Tutorial: Spring Plaid Gel Nail


Watch as the talented Natalie Minerva demonstrates how to do a plaid spring nail using gels from her Tokyo Swag Colored Art Gel Collection! They can be cured under either a LED or UV lamp and are compatible with Presto’s lamps and other gels.

1. Prep the nail. Apply your base gel and cure.step-1-mint2. Apply your mint-colored gel (Minerva used one from Presto) to the nail and cure.

3. Use a fine-tipped detail brush to draw on thick lines of Tokyo Swag’s dark blue gel and then thinner yellow lines. Minerva used a tiny, tiny brush purchased in Japan – it’s just a few hairs thick.

3. Use pink gel to create lines going across the other direction. Add more thick blue lines going this direction as well.

4. Add a layer of top gel and cure.

5. Wipe clean and you’re done!



Images: Armando Sanchez

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