Nail Art Tutorial: Glittery Red Bow

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Follow along as Jana Duzanec, an educator and nail artist, shows you how to do these red bow nails step by step.
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1. Build the nail extension  as usual and on the tip, add gold/champagne glitter gel.
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2. Finish with clear builder gel, and with thin brush and acrylic white paint draw the outline of the bow like on the picture shown.
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3. Paint the inside with the red acrylic paint.
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4. Add some shadow with a no. 2 brush and watered down black paint mixed with red.
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5. Now add some highlights with white acrylic paint. Draw an outline with black acrylic paint and some thin lines inside of the bow, creating a 3-D effect.
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6. Add non-sticky top gel over the design. With white gel, draw spots on the bow with acrylic paint; do not cure. 
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7. Sprinkle small champagne-colored glitter over the whole nail, then cure under a UV lamp for 2 minutes. 
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8. Clean the residue with a hard nail brush. No need to add top gloss because this design requires the glitter texture. Done!
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[Images: Jana Duzanec]
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