Nail Art Tutorial: Sparkly Little Owls

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A wise nail tech is always learning new techniques – like this gel owl done by nail artist Jana Duzanec. Click through to see every step of the process.

1 18Products used: Efexclusive, EuroFashion, Jet Set Beauty

Step 1: Starting with a sculptured or natural nail, apply 1-2 layers of color gel in light green. After drying and buffing, use white acrylic paint to draw the outline of the owl.

2 16Step 2: With color gels – start filling and painting the empty places in pink, light pink, brown and yellow. Cure according to manufacturer’s directions under your UV or LED lamp.

3 13Step 3: With white gel, draw inner eyes and make some highlights with lighter colors like orange – yellow, etc.

4 13?Step 4: With a very thin brush , add some details around the eyes , eyelashes, and outline with black gel.

5 10Step 5: With brown gel, draw the lines inside of the body of the owl. Cure!

6 9Step 6: Fill them in with pink builder gel that stays, in the shape of a rhombus.

7 7Step 7: Add some highlights with white gel on the top of the rhombus and add some dark brown again in the stripes.

8 6Step 8: Draw inside the diagonal lines with gel, add some white dots with gel and put on top coat.

9 3Step 9: Inside of the brown lines, apply Swarovski pink diamonds. Finished!

Find Jana’s work online:

[Images: Jana Duzanec]

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