Nail Art Tutorial: Color-Changing Snakeskin

Img 7545

Get ready to blow clients away with something chic! See the steps as Sarah Elmaz of Get Buffed Nails shows how to do this snakeskin effect. »

Img 7549You will need:

  • a dotting tool
  • top coat
  • Bluesky yellow CS012 (Colour Me pretty – Butter Me Up)
  • Blue/green thermal (heat-changing) polish TC06 (Colour Me Pretty – 50 Shades of Green)
  • Gel top coat

Img 7538Step 1: Start with prepped nail (can be done on natural or enhanced nails).

Img 7539Step 2: Cure 2 coats of a pale colored gel of your choice; I chose yellow.

Img 7540Step 3: One coat of your darker color (I chose blue color changing). Do not cure.

Img 7541Step 4: With your dotting tool, add dots of top coat all over the uncured layer. Make sure they are quite close to each other. Use different size dots if you like for effect.

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Img 7542Step 5: Once you have covered the entire nail, cure.

Img 7543Step 6: With alcohol, wipe the inhibition layer, just to remove the excess dark gel.

Img 7545Step 7: Add top coat and cure. Done! Here’s what a long nail will look like under heat.

Img 7514

Find Sarah’s nails online:
Instagram: @getbuffednails

[Images: Sarah Elmaz]

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